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Electrostatic air filter

Air filter has worked out very well so far. Arrived in about a week and fit great. I recommend NeverBuyAnotherFilter!

Replacement filter

Fits great in the spot. We don't really have any things to say yet. It's only been in the furnace a couple days

Washable furnace filters

Filters nice, fast shipper, would buy from again

MaxMERV9 - The High Arrestance Washable, Permanent, Electrostatic A/C Furnace Filter

Quick delivery!!! Placed in a/c unit soon as it got here!!!

Seems to be great construction!!! Hope this is last filter we will buy!!! Resting it out now!!! Liked the instructions. Air flow and wash this way!!!

Electrostatic A/C filter

Excellent quality and collects dust and cat hair so well.


I use to have another washable for years. I decided to buy the month ones. I would get busy and forget to buy a new one. So I decided to get this one for that reason. So far so good. It fit perfect.

SILVER (1 INCH THICK) - The Economical Washable, Permanent, Electrostatic A/C Furnace Filter

Great value for the long run

I bought these filters because I couldn't get my size at the store. I change them every 3 month but they're $6 each online for cheap paper filters. These filters are well built giving me many years of use before I would have to by another saving me lots of money and time.

Well made!!!!

Looking forward to NOT buying another filter and saving money!!!!

Custom 1 INCH Silver
Michael Duggan
Perfect Fit

Thank you for having so many sizes available.

Very nice filter,quality ,good choice ,very pleased

Love it

Good design, well built. Get the most bang for the buck

Very Happy

I ordered custom size filters and the fit is perfect. The quality of the filter is A+.
Happy Happy

Millers filter review

painless ordering and great customer service this company gives us. we really appreciate the way you all operate and get us the order in a short amount of time.
please keep up the good work.

Custom 1 INCH Silver

Geothermal filter

While the technology is timely I have foound the system is better then regular heat pump systems. It still requires electricity but uses the natural temperature of the ground to regulate the overall temperature. After you get down over 3 feet, the earth's temperature stays at a steady 50 degrees so for heating and cooling it has a very stable temperature reference point. The system is more expensive to install then typical heating and cooling and more so even than heat exchanger systems but works pretty much the same way. The maintenance costs initially are higher too. In the case of filters, having two sets of washable filters is a must. Pull the dirty filter out, install the clean, dry filter and the system is minimally affected by the swap. Clean the old filter and allow it to completely dry and it will be ready for the change out in a month.

Flexible filter

Received my flexible filter and it fits like a glove, we had to replace our old unit and the filter in the door was a pain to put in and take out, got the flexible filter and it fits perfectly. The unit takes 2 filters and I will be replacing it with another filter soon, thank you very much I am so glad I found you guys, a very happy customer.😊

SILVER (1 INCH THICK) - The Economical Washable, Permanent, Electrostatic A/C Furnace Filter

it is just ok thank you

had to place tape on it not thick enough

Love the idea

Telling alot of my friends. I may be getting another one to switch off.

Super easy to use. Works great.

I used the C.E.F. Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaner on my Merv 13 washable filter after 8 weeks of use. I used the product as directed, using the pull-out spray faucet on my kitchen sink. The filter was clean and fresh in about 6-10 minutes of rinsing. It was fully dry in one day. I laid mine on a clothes dryer rack . I was impressed with how easy it was to use and how well it worked so quickly. I will definitely be keeping this stocked to maintain our washable filters. I recommend purchasing 2 filters to alternate so that each filter can have proper dying time in between use.

Great product

Have only had it about a week but so far it’s been great! Nice to know we’ll never have to buy replacement filters again