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Excellent Construction

Our home has seperate Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I installed two filter elements in the returns for the A/ C. That system is not currently in use. However they are an exact fit and appear to be constructed for extended use. Cleaning instructions seem very simple. I would install in our Heating system however that system requires a 4" thick element( currenty using Honeywell) I did not see that dimension available. Come summer we shall see !

Perfect fit!

Easy to install, easy to clean and maintain, it pays for itself in a year vs buying throw away filters $40/piece


Never had time to use yet, but will let you know when do so.

Custom 1 INCH Silver
Timothy Kimble
Great Filter

The filter is perfect works great.

SILVER (1 INCH THICK) - The Economical Washable, Permanent, Electrostatic A/C Furnace Filter

The High Arrestance Washable, Permanent, Electrostatic A/C Furnace Filter

I have only had the Never Buy Another Filter in my system now for 7-10 days but the air does smell MUCH fresher. The mold smell in my down stairs that was present much of the time is nearly gone and only shows up after the rain. I am very pleased with it so far.

Platinum 1"

A little early to be certain, but I think the dust problem is less than before installing the filter.

New filter for us.

Needed this filter and it fits fine. Thanks.


Perfect fit. Installed it to replace an old filter. Very good quality filter. Air is noticeably cleaner and flows better. The service was excellent!

Works great!

Permanent filters are the way to go. Better for the environment and they work perfectly.

Great filters

Great product for my 2 geothermal systems

Custom 1 INCH Silver
Eddie Hughes

It was badly damaged when it arrived. Also, there was no instructions on how to clean it??

Really good to find a place to order the exact size of filter that will fit an older furnace!

Perfect Fit

Standard size filters never fit properly and would end up bending within a few weeks. Max Merv9 fits perfectly and remains stable1

Quality Product

Very pleased with the quality of my gold filter. The measurements are exact, no sharp edges and the overall finish is AAA+.

Great Filter

A solid product, I am fixing to purchase another one.

Love this filter and tell my neighbors about it all the time.

Custom 1 INCH Silver
Greg Larriva
Works as advertised.

Just received my filter and it fits perfectly. Too soon to know how good it works but the craftsmanship was excellent.

Seems to be a quality filter

The construction of this filter seems to be quality. The MERV rating matches that of the disposable filters we’ve been using for years. The new one does not seem to interfere with air flow, but it is hard to judge utility cost difference since we have such high temps currently. Dust / particulate control is on par with the prior disposables. Over time, I feel this filter will save us money since it is washable. Very pleased with this purchase at this point.

Geothermal Filter

The geothermal filter is very high-quality construction and fits perfect!

Furnace filters

I'm very impressed with the filters. I'm thinking about ordering more for my rental houses. Thank you for a very good product.

As advertised

Arrived as advertised. Sixteen days from order to delivery, size exactly as ordered. Fit perfectly. Appears well made and durable. Time will tell on function and durability.

Not a tight fit

It’s not the best fit into my unit. I gave dimensions from the paper filter that I removed previous. It is not snug like the paper filter and it always falls forward onto my arms when I open the hatch and try to vacuum dog hairs off . :(