Relaunches After 11 years of Service

It's like that old baseball mitt that fits so well it's like an extension of your fingers.  Your friends make fun of it's worn-out appearance but it has served you well for a long time.  You trust it.  You feel a loyalty to it.  So it was with our website  We built it back in 2008 (that's horse and buggy days in the computer world).  It introduced the world to our permanent, washable furnace filters and it introduced us to our awesome customers.  Honestly, we knew for the last few years that it was outdated, archaic and slow.  Google hated it.  Bing seemed embarrassed and hid it back on page 5.  So, about 2 months ago we got a new mitt and we slowly began breaking it in.  We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the site to look good and work well.  Finally, on Monday, August 5, 2019 we launched the new site.  

It was like a deep fly ball was hit right towards us and we held that new mitt to the sky.  The ball settled into the pocket with that beautiful, confident sound that I can still hear now.  Yes, the new mitt was going to work just fine.  And the website?  Well, as you know, Google and Bing have to get to know us again .  It will take time but we're confident that it was the right move.  We hope you like it and we hope it serves our customers well.  What do you think?  Send us a message with any thoughts, observations or opinions on our brand new mitt.